Getting Super Critical

Jules De Martino and Katie White are The Ting Tings.
Jules De Martino and Katie White are The Ting Tings.
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Back in 2008 The Ting Tings could do no wrong – a number one debut album, We Started Nothing, followed the massive success of That’s Not My Name which was also number one and played non-stop everywhere for months on end.

Their next release, Sounds From Nowheresville, was the epitome of ‘difficult second album’, but now they’re back re-energised and ready to assume their mantle of top pop duo. Katie White and Jules De Martino play at the Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea, on Sunday, to plug their new album Super Critical.

Katie explains the sound of the new album: ‘We got obsessed with what we were missing from clubs and what we wished clubs could be like, we were harking back to CBGBs or Studio 54 in New York and wanted to make an album that could have been played there in the late ‘70s or early ‘80s. We wanted to sound like a band in the DJ booth. ‘

Doors open 8pm, tickets cost £15. Go to