Glasvegas at the Wedgewood Rooms

James Allan of Glasvegas
James Allan of Glasvegas
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Glasvegas last played the Pyramids in Portsmouth and returned last night to play to a sold out Wedgewood rooms.

I am sure they could have sold out the Pyramids, but their 2011 tour started with small venues such as Oban near their home town of Glasgow.

Sporting a new drummer from Sweden with the same style as the last one (standing up whilst drumming), they kicked off their set at 10.10pm, which was a bit late for a school night (although the average age was pushing mid 30s).

A restless crowd was in great anticipation of hearing some quality live music following a dull acoustic solo singer.

Opening with a new song The World Is Yours, singer James Allen wore his trademark sunglasses with a microphone cable draped around his neck, although the track is available as a free download off their website, not many – including me – had heard it before so it didn’t get the crowd going as much as their classics.

They followed with Cheating Heart off their debut album then back to a new one, Shine Like Stars.

With high expectations following their debut self-titled album, they were brave to play two new songs out of the first three played. Glasvegas are a ‘grower’ band, requiring a number of plays of their songs to like them, so I found it hard to get into the gig.

Luckily they only played one more new song during the set. The best of the bunch were Geraldine followed by Go Square Go, getting a great reception with the whole room singing along, which is something that works well at the Wedgewood Rooms.

Leaving the stage after 40 minutes for an encore, the band members returned handing out beers to the front row then started a slow Flowers & Football Tops version with just a keyboard for accompaniment. The crowd were itching to belt out the Oh Oh’s, but couldn’t as it did not work well. They finished their hour-long set with Daddy’s Gone, which was a great end to the evening. With three tasters to their new album, Euphoric Heartbreak, which is out in a couple of weeks.