Hadouken! at the Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea

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A sold out Wedgewood Rooms crowd, primed by electronic rockers Proxies, waited with baited breath for their nu-rave heroes to hit the stage. And, after a long wait, they got their reward.

I have never seen so many scantily clad, UV-attired young ladies at a gig, so it’s clear that Hadouken! has broad appeal.

Small, square spotlights danced across the Wedge’s ceiling as a dense fog lifted and on to the stage came the band, fronted by charming singer James Smith.

The band thundered through tracks from their For the Masses album. Turn the Lights Out and House is Falling were most notable for their energy, invoking a jump-fest, which ensued for most of the rest of the evening.

There were times when it was quite difficult to remember whether we were watching a live band or in a club, but when Smith called for a ‘washing machine’, his version on a heavy metal circle-pit, it brought back to everybody just how raw this band can be.

After a very short break, the band returned for their encore. Smith introduced the band and mentioned how he ‘loved the atmosphere in this place’. They then went on to finish with Parasite, a free download track from their yet to be released third album.

The Portsmouth crowd jumped until they could jump no more. A successful return.