Hard work pays off for Lower than Atlantis

Lower Than Atlantis ''Picture: Ashley Maile
Lower Than Atlantis ''Picture: Ashley Maile
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Lower Than Atlantis announced the release of the single, Something Better Came Along, recently.

The track is the third single to be taken from their major label debut, Changing Tune, and comes out on April 29.

Since releasing their debut EP, Bretton, in 2008, through two more self-funded albums and a Biffyesque commitment to touring, they earned a fearsome reputation on the underground circuit.

‘We released a really hardcore metal album,’ says guitarist Ben Sansom. ‘Then the second was a fast aggressive punk album. The third one was kind of your skeleton of a basic rock album, a skeleton of what Changing Tune is. It’s a big, muscly dude complete with skin and organs,’ he adds.

‘The theme of Changing Tune is kind of trippy, 1970, going to India to find yourself and experimenting with acid. Trying new things. That’s the whole theme of the album,’ says bass player Dec Hart.

‘It’s more the state of mind we were in at the time. It doesn’t sound like The Beatles,’ laughs drummer Eddy Thrower.

Though they’ve hardly ‘gone pop’, they do acknowledge a determination to use the bigger platform now that they’ve earned it.

‘I think our band has a message,’ says frontman Mike Duce, ‘and if you want your message to get across, why wouldn’t you make your music that little bit more palatable so that it reaches a wider audience?

‘We feel we can pull that off without losing integrity.’

So, what is this message?

‘We’re four normal working class guys from Watford, who had rubbish jobs and no decent qualifications or anything like that. We’re just normal people.

‘Our message now is that if you want something bad enough and really work hard – it will happen. We’re proof of that,’ says Mike.

Lower Than Atlantis play at the Pyramids, Southsea, tonight with support from The Xcerts and Blitz Kids. Tickets cost £12.50 from eventim.co.uk or 0844 249 1000.