Henrik Freischlader at The Cellars at Eastney

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THIS was a concert that centred on the guitar.

At one point, the audience was in complete silence as they watched transfixed and mesmerised as Henrik Freischlader’s passion played out on the instrument.

German artist Henrik took to the stage at the Cellars with his band for the last date of their UK tour.

Henrik’s popularity is so great in his home country that his tours are normally sold-out affairs.

The packed Cellars gave a hint of his popularity. Numerous guitar changes left the audience in no doubt of Henrik’s talent and dedication to the instrument.

We were treated to stunning guitar solos where Henrik’s natural skill made the instrument sing and a bluesy keyboard solo from Mo Fuhrhop.

With plentiful plugs for the new album House in the Woods, the audience lapped up the new material as much as the old.

This band straddled the genres of blues and rock with ease. Henrik listed some of his influences – Gary Moore, Peter Green and BB King – and after opening for Joe Bonamassa in 2007, it is clear that Henrik is on his way to legendary status.

It has been a long time since talent like Henrik’s has graced the stages of Portsmouth and hopefully it won’t be the last. A truly talented guitarist backed by three talented musicians.