Icebreaker announces new names for its bill

Sething Akira
Sething Akira
The Transports, with narrator Matthew Crampton in the foreground

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The organisers of next January’s Icebreaker Festival have listened to all 577 bands who applied to play.

And today they are announcing the first wave of acts to be playing at the second outing for the multi-venue event on January 30 next year.

Among the 33 acts named today who are slated to appear include local favourites Heir of The Dog, Seething Akira, Jesse Wyldes and The Stallions, Foxer, Electric Arms and many more.

The day will feature around 90 acts playing across eight stages in the Albert Road area of Southsea.

Co-organiser Mike Hartley says: ‘This is very exciting. I was helping out with Dials Festival the other weekend, and now that’s out of the way, the scene’s shifting its focus towards Icebreaker and this is now the next big thing coming up.

‘We learned a lot from last year. We didn’t want to just invite our mates to play – that would be too easy, and we’re trying to be more professional about how we’re running this.

‘There’s a lot of bands that didn’t make the cut, but we’ve tried to be fair.’

Tickets cost £10. Go to


Bel Esprit

Urban Legend

The Sweetchunks band

Heir of the dog

Thieves By The Code

Mint Gun Club


Hell Puppets

Morass Of Molasses

The High Wire Act

Seething Akira


The Lazzeretts

Jesse Wyldes And The Stallions


Emiliyah and The MightyZ All Stars

Battery Hens

Kelly Kemp



Broken Links

Electric Arms

The Arrivals

Fugitive Orchestra

The Harry Macintosh Project


Unknown Soldiers

Hometown Show

Lucky 13


Dutch Criminal Record

Stray Bullets Kill