It’s the restorative power of music

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At an age when most people would be settling down, the members of Restorations have found the band has given their musical careers a second wind.

The Philadelphia-based group formed out of the ashes of other acts and never had the intention of being anything more than an outlet for some friends to play together and release the occasional record.

But they soon found that their reputation preceded them. As singer/guitarist Jon Loudon says: ‘It kind of just got to a point where we couldn’t say no any more.

‘Our buddy Andy at Poison City records in Melbourne, Australia, wrote to us out of the blue, and said: “I really like what you’re doing, do you want to come out and play?”

‘We thought it was a joke at first, but it came like that, offers from certain places, and we thought we’d be stupid not to check it out.

‘And every time we left home to check something out it got better and better.’

With their third album, LP3, recently released, they are now heading over to the UK, including a date at The Joiners in Southampton on Thursday.

However, success brings its own problems: ‘It’s a little more daunting because you have to get five guys in their 30s out of their full-time jobs and away from their homes and wives. I go back and forth on this – whether it’s the easiest thing or the most challenging thing I’ve ever done.

‘Once you get it moving though it’s really nice, and being a load of old pros makes it simple.’

And for now they’re just enjoying the ride: ‘It’s just an insane thing, as long as this works, man, we’re in. It’s becoming a bit bigger than we thought.’

It’s just an insane thing, as long as this works, man, we’re in. It’s becoming a bit bigger than we thought

Restorations frontman Jon Loudon

Their music also refuses to be pinned down, as it roams across the musical map: ‘We all came up on punk and hardcore, but we also like psych rock and metal and noise, all this stuff.

‘So when someone introduces something we don’t shoot it down. It’s nice, it feels like we’ve found that good place.’

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