‘Jacko’ Navi fails to live up to hype

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Kings Theatre, Southsea

If Michael Jackson was the King of pop, then tribute artist Navi is the king of hype.

Billed as The World’s Greatest Michael Jackson Tribute Concert, this was brash, noisy, unsatisfying, and, ultimately, lacklustre.

Navi, once employed as the tragic star’s decoy, opens the show with a montage of pictures of himself with Jacko. But looks are not everything. Navi has neither the voice nor the charisma to put on the kind of tribute show Jackson, the consummate perfectionist, deserves.

What vocals we could hear were soon drowned out in a wash of drums, synthesisers and choirs of invisible backing singers.

An audience of keen Jackson fans were determined to catch the tiniest glimpse of their idol and were so swept along there was even the odd scream of ‘We love you Michael!’ as stage-side lackeys tried to lead audience chants of ‘Navi! Navi!’

As he concluded with a limp rendition of Man in the Mirror, I was left thinking what a cracked and distorted mirror it was.