Jedward are coming

The Good Vibrations sign at Castle Field in Southsea. Picture: Shaun Roster

Huge ‘good vibrations’ sign is put up at Castle Field sparking Victorious Festival line-up speculation

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According to Jedward, Sir Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga and Brian May are all fans of theirs.

‘They’ve all said nice things about us, and that’s really cool,’ one half of the 
duo, John told The Sunday Post.

‘We first met Paul McCartney when we’d bought some records, saw him and asked him to sign them.

‘Since then, he’s had us on the phone to his grandkids, so he’s a fan!’

The twins, now 21, from Dublin found fame on The X Factor in 2009 and have represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest twice, as well as getting to the final of Celebrity Big Brother.

In 2010, they achieved a No 2 single with Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby). But the boys are even more excited about their music now that they are playing guitar and piano and writing their own songs.

‘We’re taking our career up a step, because when we did X Factor, that was really the beginning. We’d never done anything before.

‘Now, we’re being much more creative. We learned to read music at school, so now we’re writing. That’s why we’re so excited about our latest tours. Our fans will be able to hear the new music we’ve been writing,’ continued 

They appear at Bunn Leisure Holiday Park in Selsey tonight and Ferneham Hall in Fareham on Sunday.