Jesse Malin at the Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea

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Jesse Malin, a seasoned rock artist from New York, is back in the UK for a new tour.

On Wednesday, he will be at the Wedgewood Rooms in Southsea, playing his back catalogue as well as songs from his latest album New York Before The War.

I don’t want to suddenly be a Taylor Swift/death-metal tribute act or something.

Jesse Malin

Arriving almost five years on from his last record Love It To Life, Jesse says he wanted to challenge himself sonically while building on his own musical style.

‘It has been five years between records and I don’t want to change my sound. I don’t want to suddenly be a Taylor Swift/death-metal tribute act or something.’

He adds: ‘I like records that aren’t afraid to get quiet and whispery – because I’m a sad romantic – and then ramp it up for those Saturday nights.’

Sessions for the album began in rural Virginia and finished at the Magic Shop in Soho, New York. Players include guitarist Derek Cruz, bassist Catherine Popper (Jack White) and drummer Randy Schrager (Scissor Sisters). Brian Thorn, who worked on David Bowie’s The Next Day, engineered and mixed the album.

Jesse says: ‘The band have been the real stars on this record, and Brian has his own magic. He has made the recordings I did in a barn in Virginia and the studio sessions sound cohesive.’

Jesse says touring is the reward he gets for writing songs. ‘I love the human experience of sweating out the poision and sharing dirty words under the hot lights.

‘We’re so disconnected nowadays with phones and technology. I would rather play in front of an audience than press a button.’

Jesse looks forward to coming to Portsmouth.

‘It’s weird, because when you walk into a joint you immediately remember being there. When I get in The Wedge I will be able to tell you what kebab shop is on the corner.’

Tickets: £12 advance, doors open 8pm. Supported by Brothers Of Brazil and Kris Gruen. To book go to