Join the Blackfoot circle

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Melodic, rock/pop band with a splash of punk, Blackfoot Circle, invite you to join their circle on Saturday, June 20, at The Wedgewood Rooms.

An alternative band hailing from Portsmouth, their live shows pulse with an excitement and energy reminiscent of great British bands from the past, as they leave venues bouncing in their wake.

In late 2014, the band travelled to the US for an American tour, playing multiple shows in Tampa, Nashville, Memphis and Alabama.

They also recorded at the legendary Sun Studio (Memphis) and FAME, (Muscle Shoals). Another highlight for Blackfoot Circle was playing at the Isle Of Wight Festival.

This year started off in spectacular fashion for the band with new tracks being mastered at Abbey Road studios, London.

The band ask you to be part of something as it starts and join their circle. You can do just that at Albert Road’s Wedgewood Rooms on Saturday.

The boys headline the evening and are joined by special guests Welcome Pariah, Novellas, Sam McCarthy and Loco DJs until late.

Doors open at 8pm. Tickets are £5.