Katy B at Portsmouth Pyramids

Katy B on Tuesday night, by Adam Chalmers
Katy B on Tuesday night, by Adam Chalmers

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You have to give a round of applause to Croydon’s BRIT school – they sure know how to pick impressive young artists. Adele, Jessie J, Amy Winehouse, Leona Lewis and Imogen Heap read as quite impressive alumni (apart from Jessie J – you can take her back).

Katy B is yet another graduate of the school, but her music making began from outside of the institution and it shows.

Her championing of pirate-turned-legit grime/funky station Rinse FM is an obvious influence on her dub-lite pop, separating her from the Lilys and Jessies of the pop music world.

Tonight, she performed at the Portsmouth Pyramids to a sold out crowd. Her new record, On A Mission, was released to critical acclaim and the whole set was dedicated to her debut album (excluding set opener Louder, strangely missing from the record).

She doesn’t have a fantastic stage presence but her band as a collective manage to give her the boost she needs to propel her soft but ultimately dance-inducing vocals through the saxophone, bass, trumpet, percussion and synth.

This girl has a very bright future if she just keeps on the same musical path. Congratulations, Katy – you’ve hit the big time.