Laura Marling at the O2 Guildhall, Southampton

Laura Marling will perform material from her fifth album
Laura Marling will perform material from her fifth album
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On Monday, 02 Guildhall in Southampton will welcome Brit Award winner Laura Marling, plus guest Gill Landry.

The singer-songwriter will be performing songs from her fifth album Short Movie.

A little over a year ago, Laura Marling came off the road after touring her fourth album, Once I Was An Eagle, and immediately set about recording its successor.

‘I literally rolled out of the van and into the studio – a decision made by my own stubbornness,’ she recalls.

Marling’s fifth album, Short Movie, is the result of an extended period of stopping and thinking.

‘I realised that I hadn’t been in a place for longer than two or three weeks since I was 16,’ she explains. ‘I thought ‘‘I wonder what will happen if I try and root myself somewhere?’’ Look back over the past eight years.’

Tickets: £20 in advance, doors 7pm. Visit