Levellers at Southampton Guildhall

The Levellers
The Levellers
India Electric Company

Bringing the country into the city for folk duo India Electric Company's new project

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PLAYING a hit album all the way through has become the latest craze among bands of late.

So it was with huge excitement that I headed to Southampton Guildhall to witness one of the best albums of the 90s being played live – Levelling the Land.

Before the band came on stage, fans were treated to a video of protests over the years from the miners’ strike to the recent revolution in Egypt – echoing the Levellers’ anti-establishment theme.

Then came the classic opener, One Way – the song which became a hit and introduced millions to folk rock.

After blasting through The Game, the Levellers performed 15 Years, another big hit which they have rarely played in recent years.

Halfway into the album they decided to run through the B sides on singles that were released from Levelling. This included the brilliant Hard Fight and the fun, fast-fiddling Devil Went Down to Georgia. although a large part of the audience didn’t seem as familiar with some of these songs.

The Levellers then returned to the album rounding off with The Road, Riverflow and Battle of the Beanfield. After a short encore came some of the other hits from the past two decades, finishing off with probably their biggest single, Beautiful Day.

It was certainly a beautiful night for the thousands who packed into the Guildhall. Given their longevity, don’t bet against them coming back to mark 30 years.