Levellers at Wickham Festival

Club Scene with Sam Cherry

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At one point, many at Wickham Festival could’ve played spot the Leveller.

The Brighton band are known for mixing with the crowd before a gig, but this was getting silly.

For literally every turn, you almost bumped into a fiddler, lead singer, keyboard player or banjo maestro. Almost all of the band were happy to head out from the backstage area at Wickham and seek out the nearest bar.

But no matter how much alcohol they may have consumed, their sound and togetherness was as perfect as it was since the first time I saw them play 15 years ago. Yes, I admit I am a big fan. But not even the harshest of critic would have spoken against their performance on Sunday night at Wickham. Mixing catchy folk tunes from their current album, Static on the Airwaves, with past hits, Beautiful Day and One Way, it was a night for those that loved the Levellers in the ’90s – and those who still follow them today. In fact, the current album can be said to match any of those that have gone before. They’re back again at Southampton Guildhall in November. Make sure you get your ticket.