Little Angels, Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea

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I am always a touch dubious about bands reuniting. Especially if they start talking new material.

I last saw Little Angels perform nearly 20 years ago at the same venue, touring their third album – Jam. This time round they were performing one of just two warm-up gigs for the Download festival next weekend.

Little Angels are the sort of band blown out of the charts by Nirvana and grunge. Despite this, I liked them back then. And, on the strength of this show, I like them now.

Toby Jepson’s voice is still strong and Bruce Dickinson (not THAT one) can still work a fretboard with almost effortless ease. It was almost as if the two gigs were only weeks, not years, apart.

Wisely avoiding ‘new material’, the band played almost all of the songs the packed Wedge had come to see. Kicking Up Dust, Boneyard, Big Bad World... The pace was frantic and when the dry ice (oh, yes!) cleared, it was nice to see two of the long-time collaborators Kick Horns on stage too.

Little Angels were never fashionable back in the day and they certainly aren’t now, but it hardly matters when the sold-out crowd are baying for more.

I thought they were great, but then I have never been terribly fashionable either...