Mari is solid gold

Mari Wilson
Mari Wilson

Club Scene with Sam Cherry

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Mari Wilson

Portsmouth Guildhall

She may be an old-fashioned girl, but she’ll never get dated.

Solid-gold, five-star talent like Mari Wilson’s will always be in demand, and the cabaret

setting of Live Lounge suited her style perfectly.

Her voice, clear as a bell, yet soft and silky, is the kind you can dive into and luxuriate in.

I was entranced as her vocals, sometimes soaring, sometimes soulful, took us on an unpredictable journey taking in songs as varied in style as the artists who have

performed them.

Glamorous and beguiling, Mari opened with Female of the Species and finished more than two hours later with her chart-topping hit from the ’80s, Just What I Always Wanted.

The beehive hairdo that marked her out as a pop star is gone, but that voice endures, making her more than a match for How Can I Be Sure and Close My Eyes and Count to Ten by Dusty Springfield, and the joyful They Don’t Know by Kirsty McColl.

Along the way were songs from the Bee Gees, David Cassidy, Pretenders and a singalong the The Ronettes’ Be My Baby, topped by a lovelorn Cry Me A River..

Self-penned songs from her own semi-autobiographic musical showed her skills also extend beyond singing. Thanks, Mari.