Maxïmo Park at The Pyramids, Southsea

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You could never say Paul Smith lacks energy.

‘Each gig is special, we treat them all as if they could be our last,’ he exclaims.

It may have been the last gig on the UK tour, but the energy was mesmerizingly infectious as each beat rung out.

With four albums under their belt, Maxïmo Park have plenty of tracks to choose from.

They opened with When I Was Wild, then transported immediately into the new album’s title track, The National Health. From that point, they had me hook, line and sinker along with the rest of the sold-out crowd.

We welcomed hits including Limassol, Girls Who Play Guitars and The Kids Are Sick Again.

It was obvious no-one wanted this show to end.

This Newcastle indie rock band could have gone on all night. Smith’s voice flowed like poetry in places. It was rhythmic and meaningful.

The encore packed a punch with Our Velocity and we all left on a high. Job done.