Michael Monroe at the Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea

Michael Monroe on Thursday at the Wedgewood Rooms
Michael Monroe on Thursday at the Wedgewood Rooms

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He may look like the heavily kohl-eyed older sister of Goldie Hawn in a scary fright-wig, but Monroe oozes rock’n’roll.

He’s been at the coal face of metal for more than 30 years, and as the front-man of the legendary nearly-men Hanoi Rocks he’s a sleaze rock legend.

And with erstwhile Wildhearts frontman Ginger playing second fiddle in his live band as his lead guitarist he’s got a foil with a brilliant melodic ear.

The first half of the set draws heavily on the new album, Sensory Overdrive, with Monroe coming on with wild sax to Trick of the Wrist. There’s a lot of new music that might disappoint Rocks fans, but it’s groove- driven rock mayhem.

Monroe’s flicking the mike stand over his shoulders and leaping off the monitors like an arena performer. For someone who claims to be suffering from food sickness he doesn’t show it.

And by the time they play The Damned’s Love Song and Johnny Thunder’s I Wanna Be Loved the crowd is loving it.

With a couple of old school numbers, and a rousing Back to Mystery City the 75 minute set is over.

It’s a glorious flashback to what could have been.