Mutiny Festival 2018: Deadline warning for paper ticket owners to claim refund

Picture: Solent News
Picture: Solent News
Tyler Hilton is with Kate Voegele at The Wedgewood Rooms on July 4

Tyler Hilton is on fire and ready to come out and play at The Wedge

MIDNIGHT this evening is the deadline for Mutiny 2018 paper ticket owners to register for a refund.

A social media message on Mutiny Festivals said:  ‘Just a reminder that midnight (July 5th) is the deadline for everyone who bought paper weekend, or paper Sunday, tickets for Mutiny 2018 to contact the official rep or outlet they were purchased from. This is to make sure your details are added to our database – as we don’t want anyone to miss out.’

Those who bought their tickets online don’t need to register.