New scheme shouldn’t prove a prickly customer

Aviv and the Eunuch Horn
Aviv and the Eunuch Horn
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An ambitious Southsea musician is launching a new initiative with a gig at The Cellars in Eastney tonight.

Cactus Kaktus is the brainchild of Aviv Fullstop. She was inspired after seeing videos of fellow songwriter Matt Jarvis.

She says: ‘I was watching videos of Matt online and I found them completely captivating and beautiful.

‘I’ve seen him on stage and he can get overwhelmed. The videos were the perfect vehicle to show him off.

‘There are a whole bunch of musicians who aren’t getting the right opportunities.

‘I want this to be a platform to help artists connect with their audience in a different way, like a hub to get their music out there.

‘This gig is just to get it off the ground.

‘I want to showcase good musicianship and good talent, whether it’s on the ground, live, or online.’

The gig tonight is headlined by The Slick Minded Individuals, with Aviv and The Eunuch Horn, The Lazaretts and That Dani Bird.

Find Cactus Kaktus on Facebook.

Doors open 7.30pm. Tickets 5pm.