Nightmares On Wax will shape the future as they kick-off an international tour in Brighton

Nightmares on Wax
Nightmares on Wax
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Today sees the long-awaited return of Warp Records' mainstay Nightmares on Wax with his first album in five years, Shape The Future.

The marriage of soul, hip-hop, dub and the timeless club sounds that NOW has been mutating and perfecting for years finds, perhaps, its most fluid form yet on the new album.

NOW mainman George Evelyn says: 'While making Shape The Future, I’ve journeyed both inwardly and outwardly all over the world, both physically and emotionally. I feel like I had to mature making this record, as it posed a lot of challenges along the way; more than I anticipated.

'You’re a different person each day so I could never make the same album again.

'Expressions change. I’ve brought in a lot of outside people, including musicians and a lot of orchestration.

'It’s brought a lot of enrichment. Each album to me is a discovery and a reflection – a mirror of where I'm at in life over a period of time through writing and touring.

'It inspires my reality and affects my outlook on things and, in turn, they’re expressed through the music; expressing a message through different sides of emotion and our relationship to our reality'

Concorde 2, Brighton

Thursday, February 1