Paper Boy heads for Victorious Festival

A newspaper paperboy people are being encouraged to make for the Victorious Festival
A newspaper paperboy people are being encouraged to make for the Victorious Festival
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MADE from old newspapers, this quirky-looking puppet is hoping to steal the spotlight at this weekend’s Victorious Festival.

And miniature versions of the ‘paper boy’ are being created in the run-up to the music extravaganza on Southsea Common.
They are being toured around the city this week, with pictures being posted on Twitter.

Revellers who have bagged a ticket to the near sold-out event are being encouraged to create their own paper boy that can go on display at the festival.

The project is being steered by the New Theatre Royal in Portsmouth and Victorious organisers.

The inspiration for the idea came from when Richard Hay, of Sharklegs Theatre Company, made a newspaper puppet on a train to London to replace a prop he had forgotten.

He then posted a picture of it online, which was retweeted 100,000 times, and his creation ended up getting the name paper boy.

Laura Doye, creative producer at the New Theatre Royal, said: ‘We wanted this to be a part of Victorious Festival because there is already a buzz about it.

‘We have already had some of the artists such as Menswear show their support.

‘We will be making lots of paper boys this week.

‘We want as many people to get involved with this as possible.

‘The original paper boy needs lots of friends and we want lots of people to make that happen.’

Councillor Linda Symes, Tory cabinet member for culture, leisure and sport, reiterated the benefits the festival will have on the city and said she cannot wait for it to get under way.

‘It’s going to bring a huge number of people to the area who will spend money on our economy,’ she said.

‘People with tickets will be able to come and go until late at night.

‘We need people to come here; the seafront is for residents most of the year so for two days out of the year, we need to make it come alive.’

Find out more about how to get involved by searching for #PaperBoy on Twitter.

How to make a Paper Boy

Using newspaper, make a head and a body, and roll chunks of paper together into tubes that form arms and legs.

To create the feet, measure the width of three fingers on a leg tube and fold forwards, and tape this to the leg, then fold this section backwards to make the foot.

Next, lie the leg tubes in front of you with the feet facing up. Fold the top of the leg tubes towards each other to form hips, which will be inserted inside the body.

Take the body and place it with the point facing away from you. The point will be the neck. Then tape the hips inside the bottom of the body.

Next, feed the arm tube through the body as close as possible to the neck. Make a fold halfway between the shoulder and the end of the arm to create the elbow. Fold the legs backward, half-way between the hip and the ankle to create the knee.

Take the head and tape the flat section to the back. Then scrunch the paper and tape around to attach the neck to the body. Finally, draw some eyes on.