Paul McCartney gives Chichester a name check

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Former Beatle Paul McCartney gives the city of Chichester a name check on his latest album.

McCartney is more usually associated with East Sussex where he has long had a home.

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney

But it’s the county town of West Sussex that gets the nod on his new CD, titled simply New, which was released on October 14.

On the album is the track On My Way To Work which includes the lyric ‘She came from Chichester To study history She had removed her clothes For the likes of me’.

Chairman of the Chichester Society, Richard Childs, a Liverpudlian who went to the same school as John Lennon, said in his best scouse accent: “Macca’s penned a cracker!”

Richard was delighted his home city had now followed him to his adopted city: “It’s great that Chichester can now be added to the world gazetteer of pop lyrics!”

Ben Hall, head of music at the University of Chichester, also welcomed Paul McCartney’s mention of Chichester.

“This certainly seems to confirm our feeling Chichester is a very stimulating place to be an undergraduate,” he said. “My guess is although she came originally to study history, when properly dressed again, the artist’s muse probably switched to music. After all, she had been mentioned in a pop song, and we are one of the largest and liveliest departments in the UK, which would be compellingly attractive.”

Chichester College pop music lecturer Daf Hughes added: “It’s incredible how The Beatles and Paul McCartney are still massively popular among our students.

“Each year we do a project based on The Beatles’ music where they have to cover a Beatles’ song in an unusual way. They love the project. Their music is simply timeless, and always fresh.”