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Pulled Apart by Horses
Pulled Apart by Horses

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Leeds four-piece Pulled Apart By Horses last played in the Edge of the Wedge during 2010’s Southsea Fest. The show has since gone down in Fest legend for the intensity of the performance delivered by a band on the cusp of great things.

Now, with their tremendous third album, Blood, on the shelves, the hard-rocking boys are back. And in the intervening years their reputation as a fearsome live act has only grown.

‘I remember it being a mental gig,’ Rob recalls of their last appearance at the Fest.

‘I think Jim (Brown, frontman) did his leg in. He jumped off the speaker stacks and couldn’t walk for a day after that.

‘People always ask us “what have you got planned – will we be seeing any blood sweat and tears, or any acrobatics?” But to be honest, we never plan anything out. We just get carried away with it and get overexcited and do stupid things.’

The new album marks a definite progression for the group – but without sacrificing any of the heaviness or intensity of their earlier material.

‘With three albums under our belt – once you’re three in, no-one can tell you that you’re not a band,’ says Rob.

‘We’re really looking forward to playing Southsea Fest because we’re headlining, and it’s the first time we’ve done that for what has become a big festival now.’

And keep an eye out for the band – they’re intending to check out some of the other bands on the line-up.

‘We’ll definitely get there early because a few of our friends are playing like Dinosaur Pileup and DZ Deathrays – they’re a great band. There’s lots of really good bands on we want to check out.’

Tickets cost £18 for a wristband which grants you access to all the venues.

Other acts performing include Curxes, Laurel and Honeyblood. Music starts at midday tomorrow and runs through until late.

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