Prolong The Agony at the Edge of the Wedge, Southsea

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With a name like theirs, it’s no surprise what kind of music Prolong The Agony dish up.

Expect hardcore metal ringing in your ears as the Portsmouth group take the stage at the Edge of the Wedge tonight.

Prolong The Agony are out to create a twist on modern metalcore music, and they have supported acts including Tonight Alive, Iwrestledabearonce and Crossfaith.

Singer Larry Welling will be joined by other band members Jon Smee, Chris Waite, Darren Draper and Sam Adlington on stage.

They will use the gig to launch their new EP All We Are.

The band will be backed up by three other acts including Forever in Depths, Confessions of a Traitor and Seething Akira.

Don’t miss this chance to see some quality homegrown metal play to what is sure to be an enthusiastic crowd.

Tickets are £3, the gig starts at 7.30pm.