Punk singalong is a winning combination

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Funeral For A Friend

Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea

Despite the raucous vocals, brutal drumming and crunching guitar riffs, this was the sound of a band at ease with themselves.

Funeral For A Friend were once the standard bearers of emo, signed to Atlantic Records and chart regulars.

That all seems a long time ago as they hit the road to plug their sixth album, Conduit, through US indie label, The End.

But, although they may have been forced to give up hope of stadium stardom, they didn’t seem too bothered – and neither did their dedicated followers.

Singer Matt Davies-Kreye was more than a little croaky at times – either a cold or the ravages of screaming his way through a lengthy tour – but the crowd joined in on just about every song.

The set list was pitched just right, dominated by old favourites like Juno, Red Is The New Black and (emotional finale) History with just a smattering from Conduit.

Davies-Kreye also had plenty to say, his banter covering everything from travel broadening the mind to growing up in smalltown south Wales.

Funeral For A Friend do hardcore punk with filthy tunes as well as anyone and this sellout singalong proved there are plenty of people still ready to listen.

It’s a winning combination.