Reaching the G of the Bang

Joe Satriani. Picture by Joseph Cultice

BIG INTERVIEW Joe Satriani: 'I just wanted to be in the studio and rock out with two other guys.'

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While Southsea Fest introduces a lot of new talent, this year it will also see two much-loved local acts bow out. Atmospheric indie rockers The B of the Bang and punk stalwarts Attack! Vipers! will be playing their last shows attThe Kings Theatre and The One Eyed Dog, respectively.

Attack! Vipers! posted on their Facebook page: ‘It’s with a slightly pained feeling in our stomachs that we have to announce that our set at Southsea Fest will be our last before entering an indefinite hiatus after eight-and-a-half-years of screaming, crying, laughing, dancing and generally having the best time.’

Bang frontman Chris ‘Wit’ Whitear told The Guide last month that the band members would be involved in new musical projects, and it was ‘more au revoir than goodbye.’