Real Fur at Laundry Land, Southsea

Real Fur at Laundry Land, Southsea
Real Fur at Laundry Land, Southsea
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On Friday, Portsmouth’s cool young things flocked to a gig in an unusual venue – Laundry Land in Albert Road.

London band Real Fur (as seen on were in town as part of their Safari Funk tour, supported by Portsmouth’s own Mariners.

The windows of Laundry Land were covered with cloth and enormous posters, creating a secret pop-up venue. The stage was set, with stacks of amps sat next to washing machines and the bands nestled nicely between the dryers.

A string of red lights and a few bits of weird footage of collapsing buildings projected on to the ceiling completed the surreal surrounds.

The doors opened and Portsmouth piled in.

Mariners kicked off the night with a slick, exciting tour of their homespun ‘tropical grunge, with a pan-flute ballad twist’, enthusing about the strangeness of the evening between songs.

The boys from London delivered an amazing performance, raising the bar for pop-up gigs everywhere. The sound was perfect, the audience was ecstatic and the atmosphere was electric.

And then the music was done and Laundry Land became a launderette again. An awesome launderette.