REVIEW: Albert Hammond Jnr at The Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea

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Considering Albert Hammond Jnr has headlined the Isle Of Wight Festival as a member of The Strokes and supported Coldplay as a solo artist, The Wedge seemed a curiously intimate venue to showcase material from his third album.

The pop-infused Indie rock of the 10 songs that make up Momentary Masters formed the backbone of the set, but that gave plenty of room to include a quick tour of his other solo highlights.

The biggest disappointment was that the room was only a third full

The 35 year-old was keen to underline these are his songs too. There was no room for covers and there wasn’t a hint of Strokes material.

With a solo back catalogue this good there wasn’t any need to rest on past successes.

The three-guitar set-up provided unique moments from the early one-two punch of Born Slippy and the Arctic Monkeys-inspired Caught By My Shadow right through to the encore’s Coming To Getcha.

The biggest disappointment was that the room was only a third full.

Yes, it was a Monday night, but this was a masterclass that excelled beyond recent shows by The Strokes.

Yet another reason to support local music venues that offer world-class talent on your doorstep.