Review: Bellyeyesmile at The Loft in Southsea

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First up, The Underground Pilots delivered their skull-crushing space-rock in impressive fashion.

The dual guitar sound of Tyrone Drinkwater and Tim Gordon put down some enormously heavy riffs.

Next up, Red Seals proved to be a surprisingly funky proposition, mostly down to Steve Steward’s bass playing, while guitarist Rich Lock appears to be risking RSI with his frantic, strafing guitar playing. Their post-punk noise is well-worth catching.

Bellyeyesmile are an intriguing bunch. With singing drummer Jack Capon placed front and centre and bassist Stevv Jones at the back, they’re immediately set apart from the herd.

And with a sound that’s nigh on impossible to pin down, you can never be sure what’s coming next – punk, psych, prog and indie-rock are all touched on by these musical magpies.

Guitarists Ben Glass and Dick Williams provide inventive playing, and while it may be stylistically all over the map, they never allow the crowd’s attention to wander.

Promoters Horny Goat Music delivered a winning trio of acts.