REVIEW: Busted at Portsmouth Guildhall

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Once the pop-punk princes of the noughties, Busted are back, and determined to shed their boy-band image.

Indeed, the sell-out crowd were met with three grown men, as opposed to the fresh-faced, pop stars with floppy hair and dodgy highlights.

Thirteen years since the original trio released new material, they are currently touring the country promoting Night Driver, their third studio album.

The record has been less successful than their previous efforts, the self-titled Busted and A Present for Everyone.

Kicking off with Kids With Computers and Coming Home, the group performed tracks from the new album interspersed with the hits that shot them to fame.

Unsurprisingly, the crowd were at their happiest when the trio took us back to their charts heyday. It was as though I was at two different concerts.

Most of the crowd appeared disinterested with the new material – many opting to use this time to head to the bar or use the facilities. However, when the familiar chords of hits like What I Go to School For, Crashed the Wedding, and Air Hostess kicked in, the Guildhall really came alive.

Try as they might to move on, Busted will forever be remembered for their pop tracks. Sadly for the lads, it’s these songs their fans will be screaming for until the Year 3000!