Review: Caro Emerald, Portsmouth Guildhall

Caro Emerald on stage at Portsmouth Guildhall
Caro Emerald on stage at Portsmouth Guildhall

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Quite simply, Caro Emerald is a gem.

She brought down the curtain on her UK tour at Portsmouth Guildhall last night with a sensational show that thrilled her sell-out audience.

And in doing so, the Dutch diva staked another claim to a musical accolade her talent undoubtedly deserves.

Take it from me, it’s worth placing a bet that, whatever the next Bond movie is, Ms Emerald will be joining the select group of singers to have performed a 007 theme song.

As she’s done throughout her tour of Britain, she introduced I Belong To You as ‘my personal James Bond theme - they just haven’t called me yet!’ before proceeding to out-Bassey even Bassey with a powerful and dynamic performance.

It was just one side of this talented performer, who through her two-hour set slipped effortlessly through an eclectic set.

She was sometimes coquettish, sometimes sultry, sometimes just plain raunchy and always entrancing as she ran through her repertoire.

She was brooding in songs such as Paris, The Other Woman and Black Valentine and infectiously bouncy as she brought us the likes of Liquid Lunch and That Man.

The latter was a second encore, by which time the capacity audience had long been up and dancing. Many perhaps thought that it was the perfect big sound swansong, but she had time for one more and, with all the confidence of a top-class performer, bowed out not with a roof-raiser but with her version of Dusty Springfield’s haunting classic If You Go Away.

After an often riotous night, she performed her last song to total silence, her audience held in rapture by the ballad. And with that she had herself gone away, having finished her UK tour and soon to take a break to have her first child.

But she will be back, and if you fancy a flutter, think of this. Bond has already had Diamonds Are Forever - on this showing, Emerald is forever, and having staked a claim for a 007 theme song, you have to believe she’ll get what she wants.