Review: Chas & Dave, Ferneham Hall, Fareham

Chas & Dave
Chas & Dave

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GERTCHA is a phrase that is a common occurrence in my life as my dad is originally from the East End of London.

For those of you not familiar with the Chas & Dave lyrics – it’s a noise that he makes when me mother locks him out the flat or when it’s raining and he can’t find his hat.

And, despite being just before the interval, for me, that song marked the start of Chas & Dave’s gig at the Ferneham Hall tonight.

The cockney duo gave us a whistle-stop tour through their career, starting with some of their lesser-known hits and covers in the 70s.

They pretty much played their own warm-up set, as Gertcha! was where the fun begun.

Returning after the break, the boys played some crowd-pleasers, including the popular London Girl.

Some of Fareham’s rebellious crowd broke out in to dance, but were swiftly told to sit back down by ushers.

It was nice to see that people were enjoying the set so much that they genuinely wanted to show their appreciation and stand up, but frustratingly (and distractingly) were constantly told to sit down.

Despite these unwelcome interruptions, Chas & Dave proved they are real stalwart entertainers and even dedicated a song - That’s What I Like - to one of their younger fans, five-year-old Ava-Marie, who had overcome illness to see her favourite artists play.

The real reason for the gig, which was part of their Back By Popular Demand tour, was to promote new album That’s What Happens so naturally we got to hear three of their new numbers, which seemed to go down well.

But any Chas & Dave gig wouldn’t be complete without Margate, Ain’t No Pleasing You and Rabbit which Chas & Dave played to perfection and the Ferneham Hall lapped up.

Rapturous applause rounded off the gig, with the lads returning for a lively encore of I Don’t Care.

My old man would have been in his element. In cockney rhyming slang – the set was a right Christmas dinner!