REVIEW: Chas’n’Dave at Ferneham Hall, Fareham

Chas'n'Dave rocked Fareham's Ferneham Hall
Chas'n'Dave rocked Fareham's Ferneham Hall
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What A Miserable Saturday Night.

Don’t worry - that’s not my assessment of the legendary Chas’n’Dave’s latest visit to Ferneham Hall. It’s the title of one of the many songs they reeled off to an appreciative crowd - on Saturday night.

Chas and Dave

Chas and Dave

The evening was the polar opposite of miserable, for it is impossible to watch and listen to the supremely-talented and evergreen duo without tapping your toes, clapping your hands and allowing a smile to cross your face.

They’re one of those acts who can perform new songs you’ve not heard before and you immediately feel you know them, and can almost sing along.

In that respect, When Two Worlds Collide - their most recent single - was as good to hear as, for example, Margate and London Girls.

And don’t forget Snooker Loopy - because they certainly don’t. It’s fascinating to watch, during this 80s anthem of the green baize, how Chas can keep playing his battered-looking lovely old piano with one hand while producing a series of snooker-related hand signals and finger movements with his other hand.

There’s no frills with these two (actually, it’s three becase Chas’s son Nik on drums should not be left out of any appreciation of the show) - no need for big, over-cooked entrances, no need for computer graphics on the back wall of the stage, none of that.

It’s them, their songs, their breath-taking lyrical talent, their instruments and their charm - a wonderful package.

And though you know they’re going to finish off with a combination along the lines of Rabbit, Ain’t No Pleasin’ You and the Sideboard Song, that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable when that’s exactly what they do.

The only disappointment was they finished at 9.40pm. Enough to make some say ‘Gertcha’. I could have sat through another hour and not got bored.

Come back soon, fellas.