Review: Chris Helme, The Cellars, Eastney

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It’s not often that you get to relive something that was so important to you as a child. Yet in music we have a time machine, in that we tend to attach songs to moments in time, and it just takes a couple of bars to transport you back to those magical moments of yesterday.

So, when I heard that Chris Helme was going to be performing at The Cellars, I knew I had to be there.

As Helme took to the stage, an air of excitement seemed to spread like a sneaking spring mist that soon became a dense fog of adoration.

He unleashed this incredible vocal from the depths of his soul that seemed to ebb and flow between an almost timid soft and soulful birdsong, to a wild, yet beautiful lion-like roar.

Helme’s enchantingly unique rock ’n’ soul style left me mouth agape from start to finish, as he took us on a folk-fuelled journey with tracks old and new and a few covers thrown in for good measure.

Chris really found a connection with the crowd and in between tracks told stories from his past, giving the evening a real intimacy.

He seemed to breathe new life into each track, be it Summer Girl, from his spellbinding The Rookery, or those classic Seahorses tracks that meant so much to me as wide-eyed indie kid. He put in so much heart and passion, I’m just grateful I was lucky enough to be there.