Review: Daughter at the Pyramids, Southsea

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It was rather fitting that Daughter played at the Pyramids on Monday evening.

Their music has an interesting quality, much like that of a pyramid – it sets a strong bass and rises.

The tone of their music is often melancholic, but rather than erring on the edge of a funeral dirge, they use interesting combinations of deep pounding bass and fast rhythms to carry each note into position – forming a monolith of emotion.

Elena Tonra’s vocals rise and fall in a mesmerising fashion, stroking, softly at first, deep emotional receptors within you.

Without me realising, each song built into some form of crescendo, carrying me along on the crest of waves until I came crashing down at the end. Let me say this, Daughter’s music will leave you wanting to skip home, but it won’t necessarily be because you’re giddy with happiness.

The melancholic tone still hovers around me as I write this.