Review: Des O’Connor at The Kings Theatre in Southsea

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Des O’Connor hosted a relaxed evening of fun at the Kings Theatre.

The two-hour-long show was a mix of comedy and music but used frequent clips of O’Connor’s previous work on television.

The show entertained the relatively big crowd but frequently felt disorganised. Often O’Connor struggled to confidently control the pace of the show leaving a disjointed feel to the event.

The show was very much a retrospective on the veteran entertainer’s lengthy career and his charisma and talent was clear to see. However, he appeared less confident than usual.

Despite this, the crowd still lapped up the performance and the frequent audience interaction was met with huge applause.

The second half of the show saw a greater emphasis on the music. This played to O’Connor’s strengths as he seemed much more confident when singing. The clips worked wonderfully and the crowd were hugely entertained.

Whilst the show won’t win over any new fans it was a treat for O’Connor’s vast number of fans.