REVIEW: DragonForce at The Wedgewood Rooms in Southsea

DragonForce at The Wedgewood Rooms. Picture by ''Paul Windsor
DragonForce at The Wedgewood Rooms. Picture by ''Paul Windsor
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The Pompey metalheads were out in force on Saturday night at the sold-out DragonForce show at The Wedgewood Rooms.

It was totally rammed, earsplitting volume, fists punching the air, and that was just for support band Power Quest. I could see that this was going to be some night.

Loud chants of ‘Dragonforce! Dragonforce!’ greeted the band like returning heavy metal heroes. No messing – straight into Ashes Of The Dawn, it became clear the night was going to be a guitar-shredding duel between Herman Li and Sam Totman with each song appearing to get faster and louder, each solo more frantic and manic than the last.

Lead singer Marc Ludson was the perfect ringmaster to this wonderful circus. The guitar one-upmanship became more furious with each protagonist taking turns at centre stage – and the crowd loved it. For my money Herman came out slightly on top.

Encoring with Through Fire and Flames the crowd went home happy, no doubt reaching for their Guitar Hero computer game from under the bed to try out a few moves, but knowing the real live experience cant be matched.