Review: Fascinating Aida at Kings Theatre, Southsea

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As foul-mouthed as the Pope – but wearing better dresses – and tuneful as a church choir, glamorous trio Fascinating Aida roll their brilliant and biting cabaret act into town.

The pontiff and his recent slip of the tongue doesn’t come under attack in this show of hilarity and naughtiness – but plenty, including Tom Cruise and Miley Cyrus, do.

Adele Anderson, Liza Pulman and Portsmouth-born Dillie Keane celebrate 30 years of Fascinating Aida with another hysterical and harmonious performance of their satirical songs.

Growing older, boomerang kids and, ahem, dogging all prove to be great subject material for FA’s observations and clever wordplay.

All three performers are great but original member Keane – whether moonwalking, embracing hip-hop or singing a sea shanty – takes the comedy crown.

Some numbers are stronger than others but the warmth for this group is unabated.

And in the end you can’t really knock songwriters who dare to rhyme puberty with Schubert-y.