Review: Ghostpoet at Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea


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Renowned for making dark and experimental music, Ghostpoet’s performance at the Wedgewood Rooms takes us emotionally underground.

From the get-go we are swamped by the sound of a sinister drumbeat and haunting synthesizers as a hooded Ghostpoet emerges from the sidelines.

Never steering far from a sense of apocalypse, his latest album, Some Say I So I Say Light, is ironically darker than the last, and at times the performance pleads for more upbeat tunes to give it an edge of optimism.

That’s not to say those shades of light aren’t present. As with Meltdown, they’re often clouded behind mysterious contradictions in sound.

It arguably peaks with the build-up throughout Comatose, as a psychedelic organ accompanied by slurring vocals spirals together into a hypnotic chaos. All the while there’s a sense of the artist being in control, maintaining his cool.

This is certainly a man who lives for the art of creating music.