Review: Halestorm at O2 Guildhall in Southampton

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Halestorm are a four-piece rock band from Pensylvania USA. Fronted by Lzzy Hale, a small woman with a big voice and bundles of sassy attitude. Imagine Joan Jett and the Blackhearts meets Pat Benatar. They tour as a way of life and it shows in their performances.

Two things are against Halestorm tonight. They are playing a venue with probably the worst acoustics in the world. Also, Lzzy is suffering a very bad cold and is in danger of losing her voice, however, as she says, Halestorm do not cancel shows.

Halestorm’s songs are finely crafted to be crowd pleasers and soon enough the crowd was singing along to I Miss The Misery and Mz Hyde. For a band like this you would usually expect moshpits and lots of pushing but instead you find a crowd who seemed to be there just to enjoy the show. And it really is a show. This band are very professional. The energy fills the hall and song after song, this energy does not waiver.

After an hour or so, three of the band leave the stage leaving Arejay (Lzzy’s brother) the drummer, on his own to ‘treat’ the crowd to a 10 minute drum solo.

Let me just say this: John Bonham – he is not, Neil Peart – he is not. Ronald McDonald on speed, maybe. This was more like the magician coming out for his slot in the middle of a school disco. Shame.

Luckily the band then reassembled and finished the set as brilliantly as they started.

So, Lzzy’s voice held up and if you didn’t know, you probably couldn’t tell she was unwell.

Halestorm are definitely a band to see if you get the chance. Just go and get a drink during the magic show in the middle.