Review: Hot Chip at The Pyramids Centre, Southsea

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Stepping onto the carpet floor of the Pyramids Centre it can be easy to forget that you are about to see a band cited as ‘one of the best live acts on the planet’ and not standing in the local community hall.

That said, the venue is unique and therefore perhaps very suited to the unique and extremely quirky British band, Hot Chip.

The show was fun from start to finish.

It was Wednesday night but I felt like I was partying into the early hours of Saturday.

Amidst a mass of electronics the band pleased the crowd by bursting into two of their best known numbers, One Life Stand and Night and Day within the first 15 minutes and Owen Clarke’s energetic dancing behind his synthesizer was catching.

A personal highlight was the synchronised robotic dancing during Flutes.

The band were all clearly enjoying themselves and their energy only increased the enthusiasm from the crowd.

Over and Over and Ready For The Floor were classics that made Pyramids feel more Glastonbury than community hall, and as they finished with the cover of Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark, I silently agreed that Hot Chip are indeed one of the best live acts on the planet.