Review: Ian Prowse and Amsterdam, The Cellars

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India Electric Company

Bringing the country into the city for folk duo India Electric Company's new project

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Ian Prowse has been at this game for 20-odd years in numerous guises, but it’s a measure of his confidence in his new album, Who Loves Ya Baby, that he opts to hit the stage to its opening track – God and Man.

And although this album is billed as a solo release, he is performing with his old band, Amsterdam.

So we also get stuff from his first band, Pele, including a raucous Megalomania, which comes with a great anecdote about the rock star life that slipped through his grasp when he failed to capitalise on a South African number one because of his leftie credentials.

And a handful of Amsterdam should-have-been-classics, such as Takin’ on the World, and Love Phenomenon.

Ian is a man who proudly wears his heart on his sleeve, none more so than during an emotional take on what is probably his best known track, Does This Train Stop on Merseyside? - dedicated to those attending the Hillsborough inquests.

There’s also a stomp through The Clash’s London Calling before they close with a fine The Glorious Day.

The man often dubbed the Scouse Springsteen proved himself worthy of the honorary title.