Review: Jake Bugg at Portsmouth Guildhall

Jake Bugg
Jake Bugg
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At the end of 2012 Jake Bugg very quickly rose to prominence with his catchy songs and gravelly voice.

And he proved his talent with a headline slot at Portsmouth Guildhall on Sunday night.

The 19-year-old was recently nominated for a Brit award, and it’s easy to see why.

His image on stage is an easy throwback to Brit-pop, with check shirts and merchandise that pays homage to Fred Perry.

There were folky, knee-slapping songs combined with rock guitar-solo songs, which went down a storm with the mixed crowd.

Lightning Bolt and Two Fingers are the most successful off his album, and they are by far the most catchy live as the crowd threw themselves into them.

The older and young fans pretty much sums up Jake Bugg ­– a very young man with an older – almost retro – voice.

The only criticism, if any, is that however good his songs are it seems we have heard very similar before. But he’s bringing back the sound that clearly everyone loves.

Long may he reign.