Review: Jake Bugg, Southampton Guildhall

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Nottingham-born Jake Bugg ventured south as he showcased his self-titled album at Southampton Guildhall.

He began playing the guitar at just 12 years old. Now 18, Jake is enjoying huge success.

The music Jake played at the sold-out Guildhall encompassed folk, country and alternative rock.

His set was simple and he performed with just his guitar throughout, but showed some impressive riffs on the six-string.

Performances were mainly acoustic, but he also incorporated some of his edgier tracks such as the popular Two Fingers, Lightning Bolt and his latest single, Seen It All.

The only thing that possibly let the show down was Jake’s lake of stage presence, but it’s difficult to be critical of such a talented young man.

He was supported by two young acts, Valerie June and Hudson Taylor, who are both performers to watch.

After enjoying this concert, I have high hopes for Jake’s future success.