REVIEW: Jerry Williams at Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea

Jerry Williams onstage at Wedgewood Rooms. Picture: Paul Windsor
Jerry Williams onstage at Wedgewood Rooms. Picture: Paul Windsor
Daron Shallow on the steel drum. Picture: PO Phot Nicola Harper

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A packed-out crowd at the Wedgewood Rooms is very much in the mood for TV star Jerry Williams’ latest hometown show.

She breezes onto the stage as stylish as they come and instantly shows an impressive yet understated stage presence.

Sounding fresh but with nods to the ’80s, country and good old rock ‘n’ roll, Jerry and her band make great use of time changes and grooves, and she excels as frontwoman to a rock-solid backing band.

I don’t know what you would class her as, but it isn’t indie – it’s not safe enough.

Jerry Williams is her own artist – although you wonder if a recent collaboration with Kassassin Street has contributed to a slightly psychedelic tint in places.

A well-thought-out set glides from easy-on-the-ear and stripped-back interludes, through to toe-tapping dance numbers, all of which are greeted with loud cheers from a delighted crowd.

We know Jerry Williams’ star is on the rise, and on this evidence, the only way is up.