Review: Jesse Malin at The Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea

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I’m sat on the sticky floor of the Wedgewood Rooms, among the rest of the enthused crowd, and in the middle of the floor sits Jesse Malin, reciting another amusing anecdote.

It’s at this point I wonder how I am going to sum up tonight’s show in 200 words, because frankly, every act tonight was mindblowing.

The show was intimate, but Malin, who is used to playing for huge crowds in the States and supporting the likes of Green Day, uses this intimacy to his advantage and he engages with the crowd in a way that has us hanging onto his every word.

He is clearly having a great time and so are his band. The energy exuded by Malin is infectious and the modest crowd cannot help but sing along and nod their heads to favourites such as Addicted, a great opener, and She Don’t Love Me Now.

So as Malin starts singing Bar Life, on the floor of the Wedge, I realise that a 200 word review will not do this man justice.

I can honestly say that Malin and supporting acts, Brothers of Brazil and Kris Gruen, played one of the best shows I have seen at the Wedge.