REVIEW: Josh Widdicombe: What Do I Do Now? At the New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth

Josh Widdicombe
Josh Widdicombe
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How Josh Widdicombe keeps a straight face whilst ranting about life in his supremely sarcastic and forever rising pitch is beyond me.

Currently touring with his What Do I Do No show, it’s incredibly difficult to choose highlights as the curly haired comic was consistently funny from start to finish.

Pret A Manger, contactless debit cards or supermarket Naan breads; Josh has a real knack of making complaining funny.

I found his gripes with his schooldays particularly entertaining not least because it brought back memories for me. Be it trundles or Bunsen burners “Not a skill I’ve used in later life!”, he had it spot on.

Similarly, as a nervous flyer, I found his consternation about the “acceptance” of turbulence very amusing.

One of the crowd favourites, however, was his annoyance with a cabin bed as a child. “My parents made the executive decision I was more likely to write a letter than have a friend!”

His interaction with the audience is brilliant. My only criticism would be there was slightly too much of this.

Widdicombe was supported by local comedian Suzi Ruffell, a fantastic addition to the bill and well worth a watch for all comedy fans!