Review: Kassassin Street, The Cellars at Eastney

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While this gig was billed as a warm-up for the Victorious Festival, the Southsea band haven’t exactly been idle recently.

During the summer they’ve been busy playing at festivals all over the place – but any chance to see them up close is worthwhile.

The five-piece have become a well-drilled juggernaut, their eastern-tinged heavy psychedelia had the sell-out crowd bouncing off the walls on Saturday night. Under-pinned by the whirling dervish that is Nathan Hill on drums and Tom Wells on bass, the adventurous guitar riffs of Ryan Hill and keyboards of Andy Hurst create a swirling maelstrom.

It’s a measure of their growing confidence that debut single The Royal Handkerchief Ballet was despatched with early on. Finishing with a frantic Centre Straight Atom, livewire frontman Rowan Bastable was perched on a speaker at the side of the stage, whipping the crowd up even further.

There was fine support too from Remedysounds and Foxer - who are both also playing at Victorious.

Chatting with other punters throughout the evening, the phrase ‘best band in Portsmouth’ was used repeatedly.

It would be hard to argue.